5 Best iPhone Launchers for Android in 2019

Best iPhone launcher for Android

Most of us wants to own Apple’s iPhone, but due to the budget issues only few of us are able to afford one. So, if you want your Android smartphone to look similar to an iPhone, then you can start using iPhone launcher.

These iPhone launchers allows you to apply iOS like interface on your Android smartphone by adding identical wallpaper and icons.

So without consuming much time, let’s discuss the 5 best iPhone launchers for Android in 2019

Best iPhone launchers for Android in 2019

  1. One launcher
  2. Espier launcher
  3. Phone X launcher
  4. Launcher for iPhone 7
  5. XOS Launcher

One launcher

One Launcher

The one launcher is arguably one of the best iPhone launchers for Android. One launcher is a simple and user friendly launcher that does not hog your memory resources and your CPU cycles. It’s efficient battery management feature helps your Androids battery to last a little longer.

The best part is that, you can use different themes from launcher’s theme Store. Moreover it includes tons of practical widgets to let you see the time, weather, date and the latest news. By using one launcher you can always enjoy having a new looking Android anytime you want.


Espier launcher

Best iPhone launcher for Android

Another another great option on our list of 5 best iPhone launchers for Android is Espier Launcher. Unlike any other application, Espier launcher works as a home screen replacement app and makes your smartphone smooth and lag free.

When it comes to the widgets, you have no limitations but the number has been capped at eight. This limit was introduced to ensure that it doesn’t slow down your Android smartphone. As of now, it comes in two types – IOS 6 and IOS 7. You will find the the latter to be a better version of the two.


Phone X launcher

Phone X launcher

Let’s turn your Android phone into iPhone X with the help of phone X launcher. Phone X launcher is the exact copy of IOS 11 with the same iPhone UI and wallpaper. Phone X launcher offers lock screen feature which is 100% similar with Passcode lock and notification at lock screen.

You also get to choose from tons of wallpapers and icons. Furthermore, you can also perform spotlight search by just swiping down the screen. Phone X launcher is one of the best iPhone launchers for Android to provide iPhone like experience.


Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is another excellent app for you to experience the iPhone 7 phone UI on your Android device. Similar to the iPhone, it offers a lock screen on your smartphone.

You also get to experience features like spotlight search, smooth icons, good transitions and more. You might find the ads popping up on your screen to be little annoying, but apart from that, it works perfect.


XOS launcher

XOS Launcher

The xos launcher is my next Choice on our list of 5 best iPhone launchers for Android. The XOS launcher is very easy to use and provides a smooth experience. Similar to the iPhone, it converts the overall interface and replicates the iOS theme.

You can also customise your home screen by choosing from a number of flexible theme options. You can always use this launcher to make your Android device look like an iPhone.


So according to us, these are the best iphone launchers for android. Give them a try and do let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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