How Does 3D Movies Work?

How Does 3D Movies Work?

Before we start talking about, How does 3D movies work, we are first going to highlight what actually 3D means. In Technology 3D (Three dimensions or three dimensional) describes an image that provides the perception of depth.

But again the question arises how does 3D movies work. The experience that makes the users so much involved with the scene going on is called Virtual Reality. Now before we get into how does 3D movies work we are going to put some light on 3D image. A 3D process has three phases that is tessellation, geometry and rendering. Firstly the models are created of individual objects using linked points that are made into a number of individual polygon (Tiles).

The next stage consist of polygon being transformed in various ways and lighting effects are applied. In the third phase of 3D modeling, the transformed images are rendered into objects with very fine detail.

how does 3d movies work
how does 3d movies work

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First 3D Movie

As we have got the answer for how does 3D movies work, Lets pay our attention to the first 3D movie ever created. The Power Of Love was the first 3D feature film starring Terry O’Neil and Barbara. It was premiered at the ambassador hotel theater, Los Angeles, on September 27, 1992.

3D Movie Glasses

Nowadays, To get the 3D experience you don’t have to visit cinema. You can experience that through the VR Glasses which are provided with most of the smartphones. As we have understood how does 3D movies work, Lets learn about how does 3D movies glasses work.

Well the glasses contain an actively powered LCD that blocks the light projected at the wrong time for either eye, Like in IMAX 3D. This means that without wearing a pair of 3D glasses during a 3D movie, one see’s both images at same time, And depending on the depth of objects on screen. To understand better you can look at the image mentioned below.

how does 3d movies work
  How does 3D movies work

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The History of 3D movies

At earlier point of time pioneers explored technology for 3D film making, but none of the developments lead to a process that would be pleasing to the audience for commercial exhibition.

So this is how does 3D movies work, you must have heard the name of the movie “Avatar” which grossed 2.7 Billion Dollars worldwide. In early 2010, James Camerson’s Avatar became the USA’s 24th most successful cinema release of all time, and it still hold that position today.

In the 1980’s things began to change in the world of 3D with the incorporation of 3D technology with the IMAX film format. So, that’s how does 3D movies work shifted. As a metro fact 3D IMAX presentations made headway by becoming a special event experience, giving audiences an impressive feeling of 3D effect.

Now with the introduction of new filming features, such as high definition video, Multi feature camera the use of digital projection is increasing day by day for more better experience 3D glasses technology which we discussed earlier have been also introduced.

As a result many T.V. manufacturers decided to create the same standards by introducing the same experience to the home environment. The first 3D Was Made in 2010. So now many people have got the idea in terms of how does 3D movies work.

The progression from black to white color to aspect ratios of 4:3 to 16:9 and analog to HDTV, and then the progress from 2D to 3D was a progression in the real world of films and T.V.

How Do 3D Projector’s Work.

Actually, 3D projection is a lot more complicated than the 2D projection. 3D movie technology has come a long way. Glasses are now typically Red and Cyan, When all of this stuff combines it creates three primary colors, resulting in more realistic color perception.

3D Technology uses circular polarization produced by a filter in front of the projector to project the film onto a silver screen. The benefit of polarization is you can move your head without losing perception of the 3D image.

The advantages of 3D system is that you don’t need a silver screen because of the built in-color-separation wheel and the powerful bulb right next to it, Ensuring the bright picture necessary for 3D Viewing. Now we know how does 3D movies work along with How does 3D projectors work.

3D is used in a wide range of markets such as cinema, Virtual Reality and simulation. In cinema 3D projection treats you to a life like movie experience. For testing purpose, design prototypes, Need to be True-To-Life.

Simulation Technology creates realistic images with challenging, real world scenario’s to create a training environment. So this is how does 3D movies work and let’s hope for the best in terms of what the future technology has in store for us.


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