MailBigFile Free Download Version For Sending Large Files

Mailbigfile Free

If you are having trouble in sending large files that are too big for email, then don’t worry because MailBigFile is here to help you. MailBigFile is a web application that allows you to send large files in a safe, secure and complaint way.

So, If you are looking for a MailBigFile free download version, then you just need to follow the simple instructions that I will be discussing today in this article.

What is MailBigFile?

Mailbigfile Free

MailBigFile in a web based tool which was founded in 2005 to send large files. With the MailBigFile free version, you can send multiple files upto 4 GB each in size. Moreover, It offers four different plans for subscription – free, Pro, business Lite and business plans.

Also, MailBigFile features benefits such as file tracking, 4GB files, secure transfer and multiple recipients.

Click on the link below to use MailBigFile for free :-

Click Here To Use MailBigFile For Free

MailBigFile Pricing Plans

Mailbigfile Free
  1. Free Plan – $0 Per Year
  2. Pro Plan – $29 Per Year
  3. Business Lite Plan – $120 Per Year
  4. Business Plan – $240 Per Year

1. Free Plan

The first plan offered under the MailBigFile pricing is the free plan. The MailBigFile free version allows you to send files upto 2GB. The files on the free plan are available for 10 days. As the name says it all, The free plan is available for absolutely free.

2. Pro Plan

The pro plan allows you to send files upto 4 GB. The files on the pro plan are available for 28 days. Moreover, It offers features like 5 recipients, send unlimited files, address book, track Files, full audit, no advertising, telephone support and SSL encryption. The pro plan will cost you $29 per year.

3. Business Lite Plan

The business lite plan is the most popular plan offered under the MailBigFile pricing. This plan includes all the features of the pro plan, In addition you get access to 3GB Permanent storage, Custom URL, Custom Branding, password protection, language customization and more. The business lite plan is available at a price of $120 per year.

4. Business plan

Another great plan offered by MailBigFile is the business plan which is available at a cost of $240 per year. The business plan offers a set of unique features like 10 GB permanent storage, send 20 files at a time, upload your own CSS, remote assistance, FTP integration and custom form fields.

MailBigFile Features

Mailbigfile Free

Following are some of the major features offered by MailBigFile :-

  • Send unlimited files
  • Address book
  • Track files
  • Delete files
  • Telephone support
  • No advertising
  • SSL encryption
  • Full audit
  • Password protect
  • Custom branding
  • Language customization
  • Custom URL
  • Remote assistance
  • FTP integration
  • Upload your own CSS
  • Custom form fields


I personally have been using MailBigFile for a very long time and it has been a great experience so far.

MailBigFile will help you in increasing your productivity for sending large files. So, I will definitely recommend you to give it a try.

You can get your MailBigFile free trial by clicking on the link below:-

Use MailBigFile For Free

If you have any other questions related to this topic. You can feel free to comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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