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Meta Description In SEO? Why Is It So Important?

You must have heard many people stating the importance of Meta Description in SEO. So, You must be wondering why Meta description plays such a big role in search result. Well, That is what we are going to discuss today in this article.

What Is Meta Description In SEO?

As described above in the image, A Meta description in SEO is the snippet of information that exists below any link on search result. This text further describes the content on the page, And is used as the website’s description in a search engine page.

In simple words, A meta description is a short paragraph or summary of the actual page or post of the website.

The number of characters recommended to be used for a Meta Description is Between 150 to 160 words.

Importance Of Meta Description

 importance of Meta description

A good Meta Description can make a huge difference in your website in terms of google’s rankings. However, Google has announced that Meta description are no longer a part of their ranking algorithm.

Don’t be confused, Meta description in SEO are still extremely valuable. Let me explain it to you in a better way.

Let’s say, I have written a good meta description and a good meta description will always attract more users to click on the search result. So the click through rate for my page of website or page will naturally increase.

Once google finds out that my page is getting more clicks than others, Google will automatically increase my page’s ranking.

So never neglect Meta description, As it can prove to be one of the most important factors for a higher ranking on google.

How To Write A Good Meta Description?

meta description

1. Include Your Focused Keywords

Your Meta Description should definitely include your Targeted Keywords. Its no secret, Placing keywords within the Meta description increases the clickability of your website. Make sure to insert keywords where they make sense, As no one likes keyword stuffing.

2. Create A Unique Meta Description

It is very important to create a unique Meta description for each page in your website. Try to avoid duplicating of Meta description as it will have a negative impact on your Page SEO.

3. Keep It Under Limit

A Meta description in SEO should contain around 150 to 160 characters, So that it can be fully displayed on google. However, Google has recently increased the limit from 155 characters to 300 characters.

Note: The exceeded text will not be shown in Google.

4. It Should Match Your Page’s Content

Your meta description should match the content of your page. After reading your Meta description, Your users are going to click on your page and if they didn’t find what they are looking for, Then it is going to leave a negative impact on your users.

So make sure, The content of your page matches the meta description.


meta description

Popular networking sites like Facebook majorly relies on the Meta description of a page when shared on their platforms. So, you can just imagine the importance of a Meta description in SEO.

To write a good meta description, I will highly recommend you to use Yoast By SEO Plugin. It will not only help you in writing a Meta description, But it will also suggest you the best possible ways to grab a higher ranking on Google pages.

Click on the link mentioned below to download Yoast by SEO plugin in your WordPress:

Yoast By SEO

In case you have any further questions, You can feel free to comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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