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SurveyMonkey Pricing | SurveyMonkey Plans And Services (2019)

SurveyMonkey Pricing

If you are looking for a online survey tool that helps you to make better business decisions, then you might be interested in surveymonkey. Surveymonkey is a online survey software that allows you to create professional surveys within a very short period of time.

With it’s easy to use interface, You can customize your surveys according to target audience. Surveymonkey pricing offers four different plans for subscription – Basic, Advantages, Standard and Premier plans.

Which one is better for you, well that is what we are going to discuss today in this article.

What is SurveyMonkey ?

As mentioned earlier, Surveymonkey is a online survey software which was founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley and Chris Finley. Under surveymonkey pricing, You can create and send surveys with a very simple format. Moreover, It includes features like survey templates, data trends, text analysis, custom charts, password protection, data sharing and more.

The surveys created on surveymonkey can be shared across teams within organizations through one single account. Surveymonkey currently has 600,000+ Paying users in more than 190 countries.

SurveyMonkey Pricing Plans And Services

SurveyMonkey Pricing
  1. Basic plan – Free of cost
  2. Standard plan – $37 Per month
  3. Advantages plan – $32 Per Month (Billed $384 Annually)
  4. Premier plan – $99 per month (Billed $1188 Annually)

1. Basic Plan

The first plan offered under the surveymonkey pricing is the basic plan. The basic plan allows you to create unlimited number of surveys. Moreover, you can create 10 questions per survey. The basic plan is available for free with limited features.

2. Standard Plan

The standard plan includes all the features of the basic plan, In addition you get 1000 responses per month, quizzes with custom feedback, unlimited filters and cross tabs, custom logo, colors, data exports and text analysis. Furthermore, you get 24/7 customer support via email. The standard plan will cost you $37 per month.

3. Advantages Plan

Another great plan offered by surveymonkey is the advantages plan which is available at a cost of $32 per month. The advantages plan incorporates all the features of the standard plan. On top of that, you get access to features like skip logic, questions and answers piping, text analysis, custom variables, file upload, advanced data exports and 24/7 email support.

Note :- The Advantages Plan Is Billed Annually. Therefore it will cost you $384 on an annual basis.

4. Premier Plan

The Premier plan provides you with all the features of the advantages plan. Moreover, it offers advanced branching, white label surveys, multilingual Surveys and advanced piping. Under surveymonkey pricing, the premier plan is available at a cost of $99 per month.

Note :- The Premier Plan Is Billed Annually. Therefore it will cost you $1,188 on an annual basis.

SurveyMonkey Features

SurveyMonkey Pricing

Following are some of the major features offered under surveymonkey pricing :-

  • Data sharing
  • Password protection
  • Survey templates
  • Custom reports and charts
  • Real-time results
  • Text analysis
  • Data trends
  • Skip logic
  • Net promoter score
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • SPSS integrations
  • Consolidated account management
  • Custom branding
  • Export results
  • Customise survey links
  • Design themes
  • Answer validation
  • White label reports
  • SSL security
  • Video and image questions
  • Feedback collection
  • Survey management
  • Asset library
  • Third party integration


SurveyMonkey Pricing

Before you purchase any of these surveymonkey pricing plans, I would recommend you to first enroll yourself for the Basic Plan (Free Plan).

If the basic plan works well for you, then you can go ahead and sign up for the surveymonkey paid plans.

“The free plan is the best way to get started”

You can sign up for the SurveyMonkey Basic Plan by clicking on the link Below :-

Sign Up For Free

If you have any other questions related to this topic, you can feel free to comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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