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Telegram X Download

Telegram is currently one of the most popular apps on the internet. But despite its popularity, Many users still believe that it has various limitations. Don’t worry, Because Telegram x download 2019 APK latest version is here.

Telegram X is the modified version of Telegram and offers features like new animation, better design, greater speed and more. So today, In this article, I will share you the download link for Telegram X and we will also discuss why you should use it.

What is Telegram X?

Download Telegram X

Telegram X is an online application which was developed by Telegram LLC. It is mainly used by those individuals who need extra security in their communications.

Telegram X download Latest Version has all the features of the telegram messenger, In addition you get access to night mode, bubbles mode, new gestures and saved messages. The best part is that, you can download Telegram x for absolutely free.

Click on the link below to download Telegram X for free :-

Download Telegram X Latest Version

Telegram X Features

Download Telegram X

Below are some of the major features offered by Telegram X download latest version :-

  • Great speed for sending messages
  • Voice calls
  • Send unlimited files
  • Secret chats
  • No advertisements
  • Stickers
  • GIF animations
  • Tools to edit photos
  • Bubble theme
  • New gestures
  • Tools to edit videos
  • AES 256 bit security encryption for all conversations
  • Synchronization with other platform
  • Other performance improvement
  • New night black theme
  • Advanced mode
  • New interface

Difference between Telegram X and Telegram Messenger

Difference between Telegram X and Telegram Messenger

It is currently available for both Android and IOS devices. Today, I will be comparing the Android versions. We will compare them on the basis of their features.

1. Home user interface

When we compare the home user interface on both applications, there is a slight difference. The regular Telegram messenger have the dedicated call option on the menu. On the other hand, Telegram X has a separate tab for chat and call option.

Moreover, Telegram X offers great speed for sending messages in comparison to the regular Telegram messenger.

2. Advanced mode

Telegram x download latest version also features an advanced mode. From swiping actions to showing forward options and hiding keyboards, it’s all possible with its advanced mode.

3. Night mode

Another great feature offered by Telegram x is the night mode. The night mode option is not available with the regular Telegram messenger. This mode allows you to change your theme and gives a dark effect.

4. Tabbed saved messages

In Telegram x, you will find saved messages option which is used by people to save stuff like documents, post, media and more. This makes it easier to locate your saved posts. However, on the regular Telegram messenger, you will have to tap on the save messages Icon and then tap on the drop down menu to access the tabs.

5. Bubbles mode

The bubble mode is set by default on the regular Telegram app, which means you cannot turn it off. Whereas, on the telegram X download latest version, you have the option to turn it off.

How to download Telegram X for PC

download Telegram X

In order to download Telegram X for PC, you just need to follow the simple instructions mentioned below:-

1. Download BlueStacks

Firstly, you need to download BlueStacks in your computer and install it.

You can download BlueStacks by clicking on the link below:-

Download BlueStacks

2. Configure BlueStacks

Once you have Installed BlueStacks, open and configure it.

Note :- You will first have to sign in with your Gmail account, So you can download the app from Google Play Store.

3. Click on my apps

Simply click on the my apps section.

4. Search for Telegram X

Click on the system search engine. Now, Type and search for Telegram x download latest version on Google Play Store.

5. Download Telegram X

Like any other App, you just need to download Telegram x.

6. Open my apps section

After the installation process, the icon will appear in my apps section. Also, A shortcut will be created on the homepage.

Congrats, You can now easily enjoy Telegram x on your computer.


Telegram x download latest version offers some really cool features which are over and above the regular Telegram messenger. I myself have switched from Telegram messenger to Telegram X and I will be sticking to Telegram x for now. Therefore, it is definitely worth a try.

You can download the telegram X latest version by clicking on the link below :-

Download Telegram X Latest Version

If you have any other questions related to this topic, You can feel free to comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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