WeTransfer Free Download Latest Version For Transferring Files


If you are looking for a WeTransfer Free Download Version, Then you just need to follow the instructions that I will be discussing today in this article. So without consuming much time, Lets Begin.


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What Is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a free application which allows you to transfer and share files. Founded in Amsterdam (Netherlands) by Bas Beerens and Naiden, It allows free users to send files up to 2 GB.

For the paid users there is no size limitations for transferring files, In addition paid users get features like password protection, Channel customization and 1000 GB storage.


To get a WeTransfer free download version, You just need to click on the link mentioned below :-

Click Here To Use WeTransfer

How To Use WeTransfer?

wetransfer free download
  1. Go to WeTransfer.com and select the file that you want to share.
  2. Click on add files and select your files.
  3. When you have selected your file, Click on open.
  4. Enter the email address of the recipient.
  5. Click on transfer and you are ready to go.
  6. Your recipient will receive an email from WeTransfer
  7. WeTransfer will address the recipient to download the transferred content into their Device.

WeTransfer Free Vs WeTransfer Plus

wetransfer plus

As discussed earlier, WeTransfer free download version offers you to transfer files of up to 2 GB, But if you need to transfer files larger than 2GB, Then you may want to checkout wetransfer plus which will cost you $120 for your annual subscription.

Features Offered By WeTransfer Free Version :-

  • 2 GB Transfer Size
  • Transfer Deleted After 7 Days
  • Encrypted Transfers
  • Maximum Of 20 Recipients

Features Offered By WeTransfer Plus Version :-

  • Encrypted Transfers
  • 20 GB Transfer Size
  • Flexible Transfer Delete Date
  • 1000 GB Storage
  • Personal Sub Domain
  • Password Protected Transfers

WeTransfer Free Download – Perfect Application For Sending Files.

wetransfer free

WeTransfer is probably the most convenient and easy way for transferring files. It is ideal for sending large files and has a hassle free process.

WeTransfer Free Download

If you are one of those people who share files on a daily or even on a weekly basis, Then you should definitely give it a try.

Transferring made easy through WeTransfer

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